Doctoral Program in Business Administration

Doctoral Program in Business Administration

A cutting-edge scientific approach yielding profound insight into business and producing world-class business leaders and scientists

Our Doctoral Program in Business Administration offers an education encompassing a wide range of studies related to business management—focused on the core disciplines of management strategy, organizational theory, marketing, accounting, and finance, while incorporating mathematical, information-based, and systems-related subjects such as data science, statistics, operations research, artificial intelligence, data mining, agent-based modeling, knowledge and information engineering, etc.

Our teaching staff—members of the Business Science Research Group (a faculty organization) at University of Tsukuba— provides educational guidance at the forefront of research in the above fields. Nearly all of our students are businesspeople at the vanguard of modern business; they are not clustered in a single industry or occupation. By combining the hands-on experience of our students with our faculty’s academic knowledge, we can identify the challenges businesses face and gain the ability to resolve them.

In this manner, our program cultivates world-class business leaders and scientists capable of managing organizations in a fast-paced, ever-changing business environment via a wide range of knowledge, expertise, and insights. To fulfil this goal and tackle a wide variety of business challenges, we offer education and research that makes full use of analysis and design techniques founded in transdisciplinary and systematic knowledge of and perspectives on management science, mathematics, information science, and systems science.

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