Master’s Program in Business Administration

Master’s Program in Business Administration

Become a top-class business professional through a synthesis of hands-on experience and science

Our Master’s Program in Business Administration offers an education encompassing a wide range of studies related to business management—focused on the core disciplines of management strategy, organizational theory, marketing, accounting, and finance while incorporating mathematical subjects such as statistics and operations research, the IT fields of artificial intelligence, data mining, agent-based simulations, knowledge engineering, and much more.

Our teaching staffs provide educational guidance at the forefront of research in the above fields—members of the Business Science Research Group (a faculty organization) at University of Tsukuba. By combining the hands-on experience of our students with our faculty’s academic knowledge, we can identify the challenges business faces and gain the ability to resolve them.

In a business society undergoing a whirlwind of changes including globalization, computerization, and trade liberalization, we must approach business from a scientific and analytical standpoint and engage in management practices tailored to our modern age. Our Master’s Program in Business Administration provides practical knowledge and experience in a systematic fashion, capitalizing on the latest in business theory. It engages students in study and research that combine theory with practice and cultivate talent capable of tackling & surmounting business challenges from new perspectives.

Our degree program adopts an approach founded not only in the core disciplines of management, marketing, accounting, and finance but combines them with approaches based on modern sciences & technologies such as mathematical science, statistics, and information science to provide education and coaching that produces high-quality business professionals.

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