Caroline F. Benton

Vice President and Executive Director (Global Affairs) University of Tsukuba.


Faculty of Business Sciences


Caroline Benton was appointed as Vice President of Global Affairs of the University of Tsukuba in 2013, after serving as chair of the university’s MBA Program in International Business. She is also Director General of the university’s Global Commons, and serves on various committees, including the Japanese Association of National Universities’ International Exchange Committee, the International Olympic Committee’s Education Commission, the Research Organization for Information and Systems Education and Research Council, the Nara Institute for Science and Technology Management Joint Council. She is also co-head of the US-Japan Higher Education Engagement Advisory Board for the Japanese Association of National Universities and the American Council on Education.

Her research interests lie in knowledge management and global leadership; her research projects include a 12-country study on the learning mechanism of global leadership competencies, a comparative study on global-mindedness in youth, and most recently a Japanese government-funded study on well-being and happiness in corporations.

BS: University of California, Davis
MBA: University of Tsukuba
Ph.D: Tokyo Institute of Technology

Research Area

  • Knowledge Management
  • Global Leadership
  • Subjective Well-being (Organizational Behavior)


  • Case Study Practice (MBA Program in International Business)

Research Achievement

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