Five Key Features

1. Lectures held on Saturdays and on weekdays from 18:20 - Evening graduate school located in the metropolitan area, providing a convenient commute for working people

The Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba, was established in 1989 as a pioneering graduate school for working people. The campus is a 3 minute walk from Myogadani station (M23) on the especially convenient Tokyo Metro Subway Marunouchi Line, offering easy commuting for busy working people. In addition, lectures are held during evening hours (from 18:20) on weekdays and Saturdays so that working students can easily balance business and study.

2. The New Project addressing today's challenges, "Education and Research Programs," and the Systems Management-oriented approach

The GSSM's practice & research orientation is supported by the Education and Research Programs. These business functions address GSSM-identified "contemporary" and "significant" challenges. Academically, these functions focus on education and research encompassing both the edifice of wisdom and solution techniques.

Four Programs that Constitute the Tsukuba MBA & DBA

  • Marketing & StrategicManagement: MS
  • Finance & Accounting: FA
  • Operations Management: OM
  • Business Informatics: BI

3. Three advisers support one student - Guidance to thesis research provided in small groups and also with multiple advisers

Under the instruction of the advisers, each student prepares a course plan for their research subject by the end of the first term. Students can conduct their learning and research efficiently and with a high degree of satisfaction.

  • This graduate school has a very high ratio of faculty members to students.
  • Three advisers provide individual guidance to thesis research to each student.
  • Several presentation sessions can strongly support the thesis completion process.

4. Integrated education from Master's to Doctoral Programs - the Graduate school offering two courses of Doctoral Program for working people

Since all faculty members are also in charge of the Doctoral Program, students who proceed to the Doctoral Program can greatly benefit from five-year integrated education. Depending on the effort of the student, this period can be substantially reduced.

  • This graduate school has a Doctoral Program.
  • Guidance includes advice directing students to more advanced research in the Doctoral Program.
  • The minimum amount of time required to complete Master's and Doctorate degrees is three years.

5. Entrepreneurs as well as university teaching staff - The pioneering graduate school for working people is proud to have produced a wealth of skilled professionals

With a proud eighteen-year history of achievement and a solid network, this graduate school has produced a wealth of entrepreneurs and university teaching staff, as well as many professionals who are active in businesses.

  • It nurtures core business members.
  • It has produced more than 80 university teaching staff members, as well as researchers and consultants.
  • It has produced more than 20 venture and venture capital leaders.
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